VRC Installation for Bio-pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Portsmouth, NH

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We installed three different types of VRCs for a biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Portsmouth, NH. The VRC’s had extremely tight clearances on the upper mezzanine levels and they required complex hoist points to lift the steel support columns in place as well as custom guarding to fit around equipment and piping in the area.  The work was performed as part of a construction expansion and conveying the material to the installation areas required moving it through “clean spaces” while not hindering any current plant operations.

These VRCs consisted of:

  • modular box lift
  • vertical mechanical lift with cantilever design
  • vertical mechanical lift with straddle design

The box lift will be used to move small items and materials from ground level to a mezzanine level, while the material lifts will be used to move larger pallets of material to upper floors and mezzanine levels.

Box lifts are a great solution for moving lighter loads from one level to another. These VRCs are designed to increase worker safety by eliminating smaller tasks such as carrying multiple boxes between levels. These lifts can hold multiple items at a time creating a quicker and more efficient way for small material transfer.

Vertical Mechanical Lifts are fit for moving larger loads (up to 30,000 lbs. capacity) between vertical levels. These lifts are also well suited to take on multi-level applications where more than two levels of access are needed. Like box lifts, these VRCs increase safety by eliminating the need for man-powered transfer between levels.

By installing these different styles we were able to give the client multiple assets for the transportation of materials both large and small between their many vertical level requirements.

Our experience with Bode Equipment Company is that they are a professional, responsive and well managed firm that has always met or exceeded our expectations.
Mark A. Carroll
VP Manufacturing

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