The Benefits of Dynaco High Performance Doors

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Dynaco is one of the largest suppliers of high-performance doors! With a large variety of high-quality options such as inside, outside, security, cleanroom, freezer, and specialty doors it is easy to understand why they are one of the best.

But what exactly makes their doors so good? We’ve got the answers!

The Safest High-Performance Doors

The first and perhaps most important benefit for any Dynaco door is their high safety rating. All of Dynaco’s high-performance roll up doors are designed to be the safest in the industry.

One of the ways these doors achieve this rating is the lightweight door curtain that is free of rigid elements. This curtain is able to detect if a person or object is within the area of the door and folds around them in order to not cause any damages or injury. Dynaco’s RIGID door, made of aluminum, is designed with a light curtain, which prevents the door from closing all together when a person or object is detected beneath it.

All Dynaco high-performance doors provide these safety aspects, however they can also be equipped with options for added safety. These options can consist of radars and sensors that help in automating the opening and closing cycles of your Dynaco doors by providing additional security against accidents. For increased security a DYNARIGID high-performance door can be installed as it consists of an intruder-proof metal construction.

Resistant to Extreme Wind Loads

Facility buildings can be exposed to strong winds that gust into openings such as doorways. Without a proper exterior door locking wind out, it can blow in and damage materials, equipment, or even personnel indoors. Thankfully, Dynaco’s high performance doors can withstand wind loads of up to 110 mph!

Dynaco doors consist of reinforced folded steel side guards, PVC door curtains, and superior seals covering the full perimeter of the door allowing all of the parts to work in tandem in order to resist extreme wind pressure.

Fast and Efficient

Dynaco doors are able to match the efficiency you need for your operation. These roll up doors are among the industry’s fastest allowing them to bring your operation a high level of productivity when moving personnel and materials around the facility.

They also consist of innovative technologies to speed up open and close cycles for streamlining traffic and material flows within the facility. These open and closing cycles can also be customized to best fit your specific need!

Reduced Maintenance and Downtime

Dynaco doors contain few wearing parts allowing for minimal maintenance and technical intervention. Through thousands of opening and closing cycles your doors will continue to operate, reducing your ownership costs!

Their ability to self-reinsert ensures that they won’t require serious downtime or left in the way of traffic after a collision ensuring that the door is operational within minutes. Forklifts and personnel moving constantly throughout the facility can eventually lead to a collision with the door. Having this self-reinserting mechanism in your door operation can be crucial to minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring business continues without any issues!

Superior Seal

Restricting air exchanges from one zone to another within your facility can be of great importance. Keeping areas of the facility at specific temperatures can be expensive, so why not make sure they stay at the correct temperatures!

Luckily, Dynaco doors restrict air exchange between zones with their superior seal technology and rapid door cycles! They help you conserve energy and costs by keeping temperatures separate.

These doors also help with avoiding any contamination. Specifically, in the food industry hygiene and food safety can be an important factor. Once again, the tight seal and fast cycle times on Dynaco doors help keep dust, dirt, or even vermin out of your cleanrooms and food processing areas.

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