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Bode Equipment Company and Hänel Storage Systems are working together to give New England facilities advanced automated storage solutions!

About Hänel

Founded in Germany in 1953 by Gerhard Hänel, Hänel Storage Systems has grown to become the world’s leader in the manufacture and integration of automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). Hänel’s U.S. headquarters was established in 1984 and located in Pittsburgh, PA. This U.S. headquarters has allowed Hänel to become the premier supplier of vertical carousels and vertical lift modules in the United States.

Hänel is a well-known supplier world-wide with other branch offices located in France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands; as well as distribution centers in over 60 countries!

Hänel’s Product Line

Hänel has a variety of different automated storage solutions. But perhaps its most popular are its Rotomat® Vertical Carousel and its Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Module (VLM).

Hänel’s Rotomat® is designed to save space within your facility by utilizing overhead space for storage purposes. This automated module uses a rotating, Ferris Wheel-like system to bring the required parts to the retrieval area for personnel to then use. The Rotomat® industrial carousel creates up to 80% more storage capacity due to its compact design. Hänel offers an option for a smaller Rotomat® as well that is fit for an office environment!

Hänel’s Lean-Lift® VLM works differently than the Rotomat®. This automated storage system uses a pick-module system that stores materials on levels in front of and behind a central shaft, then an ‘extractor’ device picks the requested items from between each level. This method allows the Lean-Lift® to make full use of overhead space while saving floor space for other solutions within the facility.

Benefits of Hänel Automated Storage

The main benefits Hänel’s automated storage solutions offer a facility are increased floor space, inventory accuracy, productivity, security, and safety.

Hänel’s solutions make use of overhead space with vertical storage thus reclaiming floor space that may have otherwise been occupied. These floor space that was previously occupied with storage can now be used for other processes within the facility.

Materials, tools, and equipment can sometimes go missing or be misplaced. This can cause various issues such as overstocking, parts shortages, expired items, or time spent correcting errors. Hänel’s inventory management options provide over 99% inventory accuracy by allowing control and safe placement of materials and tools.

Increased safety in any facility is important. Hänel solutions allow for parts to be brought directly to the user at an ergonomically correct height, eliminating the need to search rows of shelving or access bulky items by reaching. These straining movements can lead to injury, thus making Hänel’s storage systems a great option for increasing the safety of your workforce.

Misplaced, lost, or even stolen products can lead to many issues for your facility. Knowing where your parts, tools, and materials are and having the piece of mind that they are secure is important! Hänel’s storage systems store parts within an enclosed unit, protect these parts with lock and key, or offer more high-tech locking options such as password access and keycard swipe.

Productivity of your workforce is important as well. Hänel’s storage systems allow for more parts to be picked and placed, while requiring less time in looking for them. This also allows for fewer people to be looking for and picking parts, allowing you to allocate more of your workforce to different tasks within the facility.

Working with Bode Equipment Company

Hänel and Bode will work together to provide quality automated storage solutions to the New England area. Let us assist you in finding the right storage system for your facility.

The move to automated systems is on the horizon as more and more companies add automated solutions to their facilities world-wide. Let Hänel and Bode take you to the next level of automating the storage process!

Want to learn more about Hänel Storage Systems and automated storage? Visit their website ( or ours (link to Haenel page on Bode site when it is created) to get all the details on automated storage solutions!


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