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Wildeck offers a variety of solutions including mezzanines, lifts, guards, and access that can increase your facility’s efficiency, safety, and space utilization. Understanding the features and benefits of each can help you select the right solution for your facility. Bode is there to assist you in this process as we provide valuable insight and years of experience, along with an ability to install the solution for you and be there to answer any questions along the way.


Wildeck mezzanines and work platforms are the best solution for utilizing existing overhead space. These platforms offer a versatile expansion that can support materials, equipment, and personnel. Providing your facility with additional office, storage, working, or manufacturing space can increase its efficiency and value. These structures are an excellent alternative to a costly expansion of your existing facility as they allow for not only an additional floor for various equipment, but also keep the ground floor open for other equipment or materials allowing you to organize your process.

Mezzanines are large projects and their installation may slow down production in the facility. Bode can help you understand the best way of implementing a mezzanine so that you can limit downtime while the mezzanine is being installed. Bode also has the insight to show you how a mezzanine could be integrated with other pieces of equipment within your facility to help increase the efficiency and safety of your processes. Lastly, Bode can install the mezzanine for you so that you can focus on the day-to-day operations with little interruption.


Wildeck manufactures VRCs (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors). These lifts are cost-effective, safe, and easy options of moving materials between two levels. Since Wildeck manufactures mezzanines as well, these lifts are ideally suited for moving materials from the ground floor to a mezzanine floor. VRCs are a safer and more efficient alternatives to using a forklift or manpower to transfer materials between levels, and Wildeck’s rideable material lifts allow personnel to ride the lift along with the materials. Because Wildeck manufactures mezzanines, access, and guardrails, these lifts can easily be integrated into other Wildeck products making for a seamless installation.

Bode has extensive experience installing vertical lifts. Our insight can help you figure our what type of lift you may need to best suit your application whether its mechanical, hydraulic, or rideable. Much like mezzanines, we can install a vertical lift for you and provide you with preventative maintenance and service should you need it down the road.

Access & Guarding

In a facility there can be machines, equipment, or products that your personnel may struggle getting to in order to repair or work on. Getting to these machines or products can be dangerous without the right equipment. Wildeck offers multiple styles of access equipment such as stairways, platforms, and ladders. These products offer a safe and easy way of accessing equipment that is high off the ground, accessing a mezzanine level, or traversing machinery such as conveyor systems. These access systems integrate well with other products as they increase safety for personnel in any application.

In terms of safety, Wildeck guarding equipment is one of the most important products to have in your facility. Whether it is installing a barrier to keep your equipment safe or installing a railing to keep your personnel from injuring themselves these guarding products can be very effective. Integrating protective gates and railing into your mezzanine can increase safety for your personnel as they protect them from falling off of the edge of your mezzanine. Protective barriers can keep forklifts from damaging equipment or inventory as well as provide a clear way of seeing what areas can be sued by personnel and forklifts and what areas cannot. All of Wildeck’s guarding equipment can be fitted with a bright “safety yellow” color to stand out from other equipment in the facility allowing personnel to easily see it and be aware of it.

Much like Wildeck mezzanines and VRCs, Bode Equipment Company has the experience to analyze your facility and recommend the appropriate guarding equipment to increase your employees’ safety and improve your facility safety as well.

If Bode Equipment Company can assist with any of your mezzanine, lift, guarding, or access equipment projects, send us an email If you would like to learn more information about Bode’s experience or more information about Wildeck’s products please visit our websites &

Bode presented a professional bid that encompassed everything we needed to complete the loading docks for the new facility...Their ability to provide a total solution, combined with their extensive experience and reasonable prices, made them the obvious choice for the job.
Paul Kelley
Sullivan Construction Superintendent

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