Wildeck Guardrail: Maintaining a High Level of Safety in your Facility

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Guardrail is one of those components in a facility that typically is not top of mind with companies, until it’s too late. However, a small investment in protective barriers is well worth it, when compared to the potential high costs of a forklift accident.

Safety is Number One!

Many facilities define forklift traffic areas with brightly colored lines of paint or tape along the facility floor. The only problem with these lines is that they do not offer any protection other than the visual cue they provide. With a distracted or inexperienced forklift driver these lines may be disregarded, which then can lead to damaged materials or injured employees.

Using guardrail not only can give the same visual cue as colored lines, but will also prevent a forklift from veering into designated safe zones. With high impact-rated guardrail on the floor, you can rest assured that your employees, machinery, and equipment are safer from the potential hazards of forklift traffic.

Quality Matters

Not all guardrail is the same. The difference in impact ratings among guardrail suppliers is very important to consider and could make all the difference in the event of a forklift accident. The most common guardrails have an impact rating of 10,000 pounds traveling at 4 mph. This is due to the fact that the average forklift weighs between 8,000 – 10,000 pounds. Therefore, guardrails with this rating are able to deflect the impact and stop the forklift from continuing forward.

BEWARE: Many manufacturers however, don’t list an impact rating for their guardrail at all. Meaning that these manufacturers either do not test the rating on their guardrail or the guardrail has failed testing altogether. There can also be issues in terms of design as some manufacturers make guardrails with sharp ridges or rubber that can easily fall off. These ridges and ends can puncture materials or injure employees. Wildeck’s options are created for all-around safety with hemmed ridges that not only keep workers and product safe, but also add strength the guardrail!

Wildeck offers the common 10,000-pound impact rating option as well as an option for 13,000 pounds! The Wilgard® LT, MT, and XT all adhere to different types of applications so no matter what type of need you have for guardrail Wildeck has you covered!

Let Us Help You

Of course, you won’t need guardrail all over your facility to protect every aspect, especially when certain areas may not be a risk to damages or injury by not having guardrail. That is where Wildeck and Bode come in!

Wildeck and Bode both have trained professionals that have the ability to visit your facility and make recommendations on high-interest areas for potential guardrail applications. Through many years in the material handling industry both Wildeck and Bode have the experience and understanding to recognize where you can improve your safety and budget effectively to maintain a high-level of cost-effectiveness!

To learn more about guardrail and its applications visit Wildeck’ s website: https://www.wildeck.com/guards/protective-barriers/. If you are in the New England area and would like us to provide you with a site visit give us a call! (800) 797-5699

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