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Selecting a material handling solutions provider can initially be an overwhelming task. Potential customers often find themselves wading through a mire of product literature only to feel more confused about the best course of action. In addition to digesting a litany of product specifications, potential customers must also decide which provider is offering the most dependable product at the most competitive price point.

Amongst the cacophony of voices competing for a company’s business, how does a potential customer select the best material handling solutions provider? Outlined below are three steps that, if followed, should eliminate the stress associated with making a material handling product purchase.

What does the company offer?

Going online to investigating a material handling company is a great way to begin the purchasing process. The majority of companies within the industry have a well-developed internet presence. Companies with solid reputations will have websites that:

  • Provide insight into their organization;
  • Clearly define their product line(s);
  • Offer a variety of product information; and
  • Establish clear customer/company communication channels (i.e. toll-free phone numbers, email addresses, chat features, etc.).

Additionally, companies that have experience solving unique material handling challenges will populate their website with a variety of free customer resources (i.e. case studies, blog posts, white papers, etc.) that demonstrate their undeniable product acumen.

After completing a thorough cyber investigation, there is value in scheduling an appointment to meet the prospective company’s staff and tour their facility. Information that cannot be adequately captured online will become more obvious through in-person interactions. Customers should be wary of any company that is too busy for a scheduled visit or rushes through a set appointment. In many respects, selecting a material handling solutions provider is a long-term commitment. Customers should leave every interaction feeling confident that they have a partner that they can call on for help and guidance.

Do they understand your pain points?

As customers begin to winnow down the list of potential material handling vendors, they should have confidence that their specific pain points are known and understood by their material handling company. To this end, customers should be extremely wary of any company that aggressively or exclusively promotes “off the rack” solutions. Unique challenges cannot be adequately resolved with universal solutions. Providers that are quick to promote their out-of-the-box products are not concerned with providing dependable equipment for the long term. They are most likely looking to make a quick and easy sale. Stay away!

Conversely, material handling solution providers that take the time to ask questions and investigate a company’s challenges are more likely to suggest custom products that seamlessly integrate into a facility’s operations. While this fact-finding process may initially take more time, it will yield dividends in money saved and frustrations avoided down the road. Time and again, custom built material handling solutions have been proven to improve operational efficiency, increase safety and reduce operational costs. In today’s competitive market, these advantages should not be quickly dismissed for the sake of speed.

What do their previous customers say?

Customers contemplating a material handling product purchase should not be afraid to ask their solutions provider for references from previous clients. Credible solution providers will be able to easily arrange communication between past and future customers. Additionally, a company’s case studies (typically posted on their website) are another great way to gain insight into past customer satisfaction. Case studies that specifically reference a customer by name have been read and approved by the product end-user. This process ensures that a company’s products and abilities are accurately represented in the document.

Prospective customers should also talk with other companies in their industry that have recently purchased material handling solutions. With nothing to gain from giving their opinion, former customers are likely to give their honest and unbiased insights on products and the purchasing experience. Through these interactions, prospective customers may also learn about potential solution opportunities that they may not be considering.

Wildeck, Inc. is an undeniable leader in the material handling industry. Their full range of material handling products are designed to meet your facility’s exact specifications, helping you achieve your profit, growth and return on investment goals.

In the New England area, Bode Equipment Company is Wildeck’s dealer of choice. Bode is first in class when it comes to providing customers with quality material handling solutions. Their knowledgeable staff is more than qualified to help you navigate the custom material handling landscape. Together, Bode and Wildeck, provide the New England area with high-quality, innovative material handling solutions!

Call or fill out an information request to see how Wildeck and Bode can positively impact your facility’s operations, Contact Bode.

“Over my 22 years of work in this industry, this is one of the best projects I’ve had the pleasure of be involved in. The constant communication and the desire to keep us informed throughout the entire process along with the flexibility to accommodate change orders while still keeping our project on schedule is why I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Bode again and again.”

Doug Devers
Warehouse Operations Leader, Hypertherm

“I’ve worked with Bode on numerous projects over the years and I can honestly say they have never told me they couldn’t handle a job.”

Project Engineer
Coca Cola of New England

“Our experience with Bode Equipment Company is that they are a professional, responsive and well managed firm that has always met or exceeded our expectations.”

Mark A. Carroll
VP Manufacturing

“Over the past several years we’ve called on Bode not only for installation and design projects, but also for preventative and corrective maintenance services.”

Supervisor of PSNH

“Bode presented a professional bid that encompassed everything we needed to complete the loading docks for the new facility…Their ability to provide a total solution, combined with their extensive experience and reasonable prices, made them the obvious choice for the job”

Paul Kelley
Sullivan Construction Superintendent

“Time and again Bode proves itself to be a soup-to-nuts first class company…We couldn’t be happier with the solutions Wildeck and Bode provided.”

Gerry Couture
General Manager, Baker Distributing

“The Bode team met every deadline and provided excellent service and product. We’re very pleased with the result and have already contracted with them for another project at one of our Massachusetts locations.”

Ryan Denver
Vice President and Chief of Operations

“From design and fabrication to installation, Bode provided everything we needed to make this transition a success. I know that when it comes to quality service, quick response and attention to detail I can always count on Bode.”

Doug Devers
Warehouse Operations Leader, Hypertherm

“Bode has an excellent reputation in the power sports industry. They were the logical choice for the project. The Bode team was great at keeping us up to date on the project, anticipating potential issues and resolving them proactively. They always made me feel confident that the project would be done right, on time and on budget.”

John Lyon
General Manager – Co-Owner

“The communication and coordination on this project was outstanding. The Bode team not only provided regular updates on the progress of each install, they worked in such a professional and unobtrusive manner, never impeding the day-to-day work in any of our facilities. I have complete confidence in the knowledge and abilities of the Bode team. For anything material handling or warehouse related, Bode is where I go.”

Blair Gourley
Director of Facilities

“From the very beginning of the project, I was impressed by the Bode team…The president of the company himself came out to the project site to assess what was needed and put together an installation plan that fit seamlessly within the overall scope of construction.”

Paul Kelley
Sullivan Construction Superintendent

“We appreciated Mike’s candor and responsiveness throughout the entire process. The entire Bode team was very honest and did great work with no surprises. I would happily work with them again.”

Marc Wulfraat
MWPVL International

“The success of the garage door project was key to our decision to engage Bode for this more complex installation.”

Kathy Solomon
The First Church of Christ, Scientist

“I can’t say enough about the responsiveness and consistent attention to quality from everyone at Bode”

Kathy Solomon
The First Church of Christ, Scientist

“PSNH has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with Bode Equipment”

Supervisor of PSNH

“I’ve worked with Bode on numerous projects over the years and I can honestly say they have never told me they couldn’t handle a job.”

Project Engineer
Coca Cola of New England

“When it came to accommodating this consolidation, Bode was at the top of my list.”

Project Engineer
Coca Cola of New England

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