Located in Rochester, NH, LAARS Heating Systems Company is a leading manufacturer of space heating, radiant floor heating, volume water heating and industrial process equipment. The company manufactures over 20 different heating products as well as supporting accessories and controls which they ship to residential and commercial customers around the world.

LAARS conducts extensive, onsite testing of all of their products, including ‘live fires’ of every heater that leaves their facility. The extensive testing and safety checks conducted under varying environmental conditions required laboratory facilities large enough to safely and efficiently conduct these tests. LAARS contacted Bode to design and create this new lab space as well as additional space for assembly and storage and to provide a solution to accessing the facility’s cooling towers.

Taking stock of the ample vertical space, Bode Equipment Project Manager, Scott Fawcett, recommended a structural steel mezzanine to accommodate these new areas. A specially outfitted modular office system would be installed to create a temperature and humidity controlled environmental chamber for equipment testing along with a Cookson steel roll up door to allow access to the main manufacturing area.

In addition to the interior lab, assembly and storage space, Bode was also tasked with some exterior projects. First, was the creation of an outdoor testing area. This area would be used to test the functions of heating systems under snowy and freezing conditions. The Bode team excavated an area adjacent to the building and installed a concrete slab with a radiant heating system. The radiant heat would ensure that while the heating systems might be covered with snow and ice, the slab itself would remain snow and ice free, allowing for safe and easy access for the workers. A fence was installed to secure the area and another Cookson steel roll up door was added to allow access from the building to the new testing area.

Next was creating better access to the facility’s cooling towers. The plant’s existing parking lot and loading areas did not extend to these HVAC systems making maintenance difficult, especially during the winter months. The Bode team extended the existing roadway around the back of the building with a crushed stone driveway that led directly to the towers allowing better access.

All in all, the completed projects added over 2900 square feet of usable space to the facility as well as improved access to the site’s HVAC systems. The new mezzanine added space not only for the environmental testing chamber, but additional space for product sub-assembly and storage with access to both the main manufacturing floor and outside testing space. And despite an aggressive schedule filled with numerous change orders and interactions with other parties involved in a larger construction project, Bode still finished its projects on time and on budget.

Currently, Bode is engaged in three new projects for LAARS and credit their extensive product knowledge and excellent project management and communications skills to the long and successful relationship with LAARS.

Project Overview

Located in Rochester NH, LAARS Heating Systems Company is a leading manufacturer of space heating, radiant floor heating, volume water heating and industrial process equipment. LAARS meets the needs of today’s more demanding heating systems applications with over 20 different heating products and supporting accessories and controls for the residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

As part of a larger, multi-vendor project, Bode Equipment added over 2900 square feet of usable space to an existing facility as well as creating an outside testing facility and access road.