Dock Levelers & Restraints

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We have a dock leveler for every application. Mechanical, Hydraulic and Air-powered models are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, as well as scissor lift designs that offer versatility for manual loading and unloading. We also offer Edge-of-Dock levelers and Elevating Docks creating for a vairety of options when choosing the right dock leveler for your facility's needs.

When it comes to safety, there are many components that ensure a safe material handling operation, and one of the most important is a dependable Truck restraint system. With a variety of options and features, Bode provides premium restraint options that will eliminate any potential problems between your truck and dock leveler.

Our dock equipment provides your loading dock with proven dependability, quality and safety in every product to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Bode Dock and Door Solutions offers increased detail about all of our loading dock equipment and dock safety products. All products are expanded on with product details, suppliers, warranty information, available options, and spec sheets. Visit our Bode Dock and Door site at

Don't worry You will still be dealing with Bode Equipment Company! Bode Dock and Door Solutions is a division of Bode Equipment Company and does not consist of any new employees dedicated to just dock and door equipment.


Bode is proud to represent some of the finest names in loading dock and door equipment. The sales team at Bode takes a consultative approach to your project providing more than just access to equipment, but facility and process design and complete customization and fabrication to deliver the best solution for your particular need.



Our experience with Bode Equipment Company is that they are a professional, responsive and well managed firm that has always met or exceeded our expectations.
Mark A. Carroll
VP Manufacturing

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