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Specialized 2D and 3D Design Services for Your Material Handling Workflows

Planning a facility layout that can grow with your organization takes more than a web search and the latest design software. Knowledge of your space and equipment are just the beginning of creating a facility that will meet your needs for the long haul. At Bode, you can depend on our factory- and industry-trained pros to deliver layouts and designs that take material handling solutions into consideration while provide space-saving concepts that maximize the use of your facility space.

Our team of professionals provide detailed drawings using the industry's most powerful 2D and 3D design software. Layouts requiring 2D design are developed with SOLIDWORKS®, the industry leader in design software. Combined with our 3D designs created in AutoCAD®, our team can provide you with a thorough and complete planning solution.   

Space-saving Concepts Designed by Industry-Trained Professionals

While many of our clients have Autodesk AutoCAD and Solidworks design experience, they may not be familiar with the products within the material handling industry and the tolerances that need to be considered. Avoid the missteps that occur during the installation process and prevent costly change orders and delays by working with the professional team at Bode who has the training in both the software and the equipment you need. 

In addition to providing professional 2D designs and 3D modeling, our experience with the equipment, clearance requirements and safety guidelines ensure that your facility plan is developed with a full understanding of the project requirements, OSHA guidelines and equipment needs. Our team can provide support during the initial planning phases, answer questions along the way, or handle your entire design project from beginning to end.

Whether you are laying out a work cell, production line, warehouse or an entire facility, contact Bode for everything from consultations to full 2D facility plans and 3D models that will save your organization time, money and hassle.


At Bode Equipment we have 2D and 3D facility design and layout experience for projects including:

  • Production cells with custom workstations and quick picking flow cells
  • New loading docks, concrete cutting and forming, electrical and testing
  • New warehouse with racking, conveyor, mezzanines, VRC, lighting and sprinklers
  • Mezzanine space with shelving and modular drawers
  • Multi-level pick module
  • Overhead cranes with multiple bridges and hoists, in-plant scissor lifts, workstations and conveyors
  • Opening an exterior wall, reframing and installing a new overhead door
  • Modular office suites for offices and production cells and integrated high speed doors
  • Large scale rack system with integrated overhead cranes for pallet picking
  • Clean rooms



Bode presented a professional bid that encompassed everything we needed to complete the loading docks for the new facility...Their ability to provide a total solution, combined with their extensive experience and reasonable prices, made them the obvious choice for the job.
Paul Kelley
Sullivan Construction Superintendent

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