Integrated Systems

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We offer a variety of products from multiple well-known, quality suppliers. One of our most notable skills as a company is our ability to integrate several complex products into an efficient, seamless system, with countless benefits to the client.  

Integrated Products

Products such as mezzanines, lifting equipment, and modular offices are very useful when employed singularly, but those benefits increase exponentially with certain products combined in the correct context.

Many companies are unaware that products such as these have the ability to work with together, creating a more effective, economical system. For example, a storage mezzanine can be combined with a vertical lifting conveyor and guardrails to create a safe and more efficient integrated storage system. A modular office can be constructed in conjunction with a mezzanine to maximize the use of both ground-level and overhead facility space. Is there shelving, totes and workstations needed to outfit the new space? Most likely yes!

There is an overwhelming amount of possibilities when using our products to build an integrated system.

Creative Solutions

Our team at Bode is adept at integrating our products, affording us the ability to craft creative systems that best fit the project at hand. Whether it’s trying to maximize facility space to store inventory/equipment, or constructing a safe and clean office space without disrupting day-to-day facility operations, we find creative a creative solution to meet the client’s needs. We also offer an AutoCAD drawing service to provide a visual of the overall project before we begin the install.

Unlimited Possibilities

We can’t stress enough that there is an abundance of possibilities when it comes to integrating the products we use. We strive to create a system that provides what you need now but also provides the option and ability to expand when your business is ready. We are able to create systems to service any part of your facility, without limiting its future potential.


We work with well-known suppliers in order to provide our clients with quality products to meet their material handling needs.

Our team at Bode has the experience and awareness to recognize potential applications for integrated systems within a facility. Through creative and collaborative efforts, we will find the right products to utilize all available warehouse space and maximize your facility’s efficiency.



“I can’t say enough about the responsiveness and consistent attention to quality from everyone at Bode”
Kathy Solomon
The First Church of Christ, Scientist

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