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Simply put, vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs) are material lifts designed to transfer materials between levels. But there’s more to them than just that. They’re more cost-effective than a regular elevator, and safer than using a forklift to move materials. Wildeck offers a variety of customizable styles, options and sizes to fit your lifting needs.

Benefits of Wildeck VRCs

The biggest benefits of Wildeck VRCs are that they are cost-effective and safe, while also providing an easy and efficient upgrade to how your facility moves its materials between floors. Wildeck offers hydraulic, mechanical and rideable lifts, depending on your application, with everything from carriage size to lift height and the number of stops completely customizable. Typically, most applications can be served with ground plus one or ground plus two floor solutions.

VRCs also help eliminate potential injury of employees, since they remove the need for employees to carry materials between floor levels. This safety improvement is also extended to the materials themselves. Each VRC contains a number of safety controls and protective caging that keeps materials intact, should there be a machine failure or materials shift while the lift is in motion.

A Wildeck VRC’s ease-of-use shows especially when it’s being operated. The controls to operate the VRC are straightforward, and only require basic training for authorized personnel to ensure the lift runs smoothly. When working closely with the right installer, like Bode, Wildeck’s products can be installed in the shortest time frame possible with the least amount of disruption to your operations.

Wildeck VRCs allow facility operations to work more efficiently, too. With a lift, your materials are transferred at a faster and easier rate between levels in your facility compared to a forklift or by hand. This allows employees to focus on unloading and transferring materials around their respective levels of the facility versus worrying about moving materials from one level to the next, and potentially injuring themselves.

Popular Applications for VRCs

There are a wide variety of applications that can effectively utilize a material lift. Generally, any application that requires frequent movement of materials from one level to another could benefit from a VRC. Bode has found that some popular industries that utilize VRCs the most include:

  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing
  • Hotels
  • Aerospace
  • Distribution

These industries may need a VRC to transport inventory between levels or need to move heavy tools and machinery from one level to another.

Some applications require completely custom-designed VRCs to fit into unique areas. Recently, Bode and Wildeck worked together to manufacture and install a lift in a hotel to move food and other items from the basement to the kitchen floor for kitchen staff. A VRC was custom fit into the small allotted area in order to move those materials and keep hotel operations running smoothly.

Wildeck’s Options

Wildeck offers the full vertical lift experience, as they offer more than just the traditional VRC. Their core options include mechanical and hydraulic lifts, which Bode explains in detail in our other blog, The Bode Process – Hydraulic vs. Mechanical VRCs: Understanding the Attributes. Wildeck has a variety of options under both lift types, with options for automation too.

Wildeck’s other lifting options include their RiderLift™ and DriverLift™. While VRCs are limited to material transport only, the RiderLift™ and DriverLift™ allow for one authorized personnel to ride along with their material or automobile because they fall under a different code than Wildeck’s other lifts. These lifts are not VRCs and comply with ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators instead and can be installed at a fraction of the cost of an elevator installation.

Interested in installing a Wildeck lift in your facility? Find out more on Wildeck’s website: If Bode Equipment Company can assist with any of your vertical lifting needs in the New England area, send us an email direct at, visit our website, or just call Bode! (800) 797-5699.

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Doug Devers
Warehouse Operations Leader, Hypertherm

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Coca Cola of New England

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VP Manufacturing

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Supervisor of PSNH

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Paul Kelley
Sullivan Construction Superintendent

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Gerry Couture
General Manager, Baker Distributing

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Ryan Denver
Vice President and Chief of Operations

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Doug Devers
Warehouse Operations Leader, Hypertherm

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John Lyon
General Manager – Co-Owner

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Blair Gourley
Director of Facilities

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Paul Kelley
Sullivan Construction Superintendent

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MWPVL International

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Kathy Solomon
The First Church of Christ, Scientist

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Kathy Solomon
The First Church of Christ, Scientist

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Supervisor of PSNH

“I’ve worked with Bode on numerous projects over the years and I can honestly say they have never told me they couldn’t handle a job.”

Project Engineer
Coca Cola of New England

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Project Engineer
Coca Cola of New England

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